FAQ water to a depth greater than 300mm and used primarily for swimming, wading, paddling, or the like, including a bathing or wading pool or spa has to be fenced.   4. How high can my fence be? Boundary fences generally can go to a height of 1.8mtrs from rear boundary to the front of house. Front boundary fences need to be 1.2mtrs high or lower. If unsure always check with your local council. 5.   Can it be higher? To have a higher fence you need to put in a DA application with council and your council will advise whether you are allowed to or not.   6.   What about service lines ie; telephone, power, stormwater etc..?  North Coast Fencing always advises clients to check with local councils , for plans with septic and storm water locations. Dial before you dig will also send a plan for telephones, optic fibre and any other services that are hidden to the naked eye. North Coast Fencing will not take any responsibility for damages if these steps have not been followed. 8.   Are you licensed and insured? Yes, North Coast Fencing is Licensed  and has full public liability insurance   1. Do you concrete your posts in and how deep? On most cases yes definitely and minimum 600mm deep x 200-250 mm wide. Why I say most cases is that on some security fencing or some rural applications we can use an anchor (mega-anchor) to secure the post.   2. What is a mega-anchor? A mega-anchor is a system designed in Melbourne, to anchor your posts without disturbing the ground directly under the post. The mega-anchor has 3 pins that when inserted into the cradle {creating a triangle effect} and knocked into the ground. Great for using in hard to get places and also for anchoring end or corner posts where there is a lot of strain. 3. Do you have to have pool fencing around your pool? YES : According to AS1962.2   (Aus Standards) Any excavation or structure containing   North Coast Fencing  © North Coast Fencing and Contractors Pty Ltd Fardon Webhosting and Design