TRANSFERABLE LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY North Coast Fencing warrants its fence products, subject to the conditions and limitations listed herein to be free from defective manufacturing workmanship and/or materials that result in peeling, flaking, blistering, corroding, rotting, or abnormal discoloration under conditions of normal use and service. North Coast Fencing warrants only those products manufactured by North Coast Fencing and the warranty extends only to the original purchaser or transferee as specified herein. If any fault as described above, becomes apparent in the manufactured product, North Coast Fencing, at it's option, will provide all material reasonably necessary to rectify the covered defect, except where damage or defect results from the following: Conditions Not Covered by this Warranty: Failure of, damage of, or malfunction of fence resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, impact of foreign objects, alteration, improper installation or application, settlement of failure of any structure on which product is installed, negligent or intentional acts causing damage, tornado, hurricane, or other violent storms, fire, wind, hail, lightening, or other acts of God, exposure to harmful chemicals, pollutants, vapors, or acid rain, and fence products that have been painted or maintained in a manner other than recommended by North Coast Fencing Registration of Warranty:to protect your rights under this warranty, the attached registration card must be completed, signed by the original purchaser, and returned to North Coast Fencing within 30 days of purchase. In the event the attached registration card is not returned within the 30 day period, receipt of purchase must be provided by original purchaser to be eligible for coverage under warranty. Transfer of Warranty: This warranty is transferable by the original owner to any subsequent owner of it's property where North Coast Fencing fence products have been permanently installed, and where proper registrations of this warranty has been filed. For continued terms of this warranty to be effective, North Coast Fencing must receive written request for transfer, proof of original purchase, and a $50.00 transfer fee payable to North Coast Fencing within 30 days from the date of real estate transfer. Failure to provide written request for warranty transfer within 30 days, will relieve North Coast Fencing of any further obligation under this warranty. Claims and Remedies: Any claim set forth under this warranty must be reported in writing to North Coast Fencing, Units 4-6 No: 1 Irwin Street, Kyogle NSW 2474 within 30 days of the date that the defect was first discovered or reasonably could have been discovered. North Coast Fencing should have reasonable time to inspect the defective product before any claims can be set forth under this warranty. If the fence product manufactured by North Coast Fencing is deemed defective under the conditions stated herein, North Coast Fencing will, at it's option, provide all necessary replacement material for the defective part or section under this warranty. North Coast Fencingmakes no express warranties except as herein stated. Any express or implied warranty not provided herein, and any remedy for breach of contract, tort, or otherwise which, but for this provision, might arise by implication or operation of law, is hereby excluded and disclaimed  North Coast Fencing shall not be liable for special or consequential damages or losses for inconvenience, labor, loss of time, or other incidences arising in relation to the purchase or use of North Coast Fencing products.North Coast Fencing Limited Lifetime Warranty WARNING: North Coast Fencing and its employees are not qualified to approve, recommend or advise as to the suitability of this product for all possible end use applications.  Like other building materials, North Coast Fencing cannot be expected to contain a horse or other large animals intent on breaking free of the fence enclosing it, and therefore, makes no representation about and does not warrant against such occurrences. North Coast Fencing  © North Coast Fencing and Contractors Pty Ltd